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Aquest bloc recull algunes de les activitats i feines dutes a terme pels alumnes durant els darrers dos cursos.

Els mestres d'anglès de l'Ausiàs March dels cursos 2009-2010 i 2010-2011.

Robots (3rd Grade)

A few weeks ago we started to recycle in class. With all the material gathered, 3rd graders made robots.

They painted the different body parts and built the robots. After this, they worte a rap to describe them.

Click on the picture to meet these 6 great robots and read the raps.

Animal puppets plays (1st Grade)

1st graders adapted the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story.
They created puppets of new monsters living under the bridge and three new animals looking for fresh grass. And everything in a stage made by themselves!

Have a look at these pictures to get an idea of how the plays went.
Congratulations boys and girls! Your performances were fantastic!

A day in my life (4th Grade)

4th graders have finished their videos on their daily routines.

They took the pictures at home, they typed the texts, recorded the audios and picked a song. Then, they put all stuff altogether making these fantastic videos.

How is a day in their lives? Click on the picture and find it out.

Well done! You are the best movie-makers ever!

My day (4th Grade)

Hi boys and girls!

We are finishing our videos on daily routines.
How about reviewing the vocabulary that we are going to use in our recordings?

Click on the picture and play the 6 games. Enlace

Do you like...? (P5)

Do you like ice creams? And cheese?
And do you like cheese ice cream??

P5 combined different food creating new ones. Watch the video and get an idea of how wonderful are the cooks we have at school.

Animals and habitats (3rd Grade)


We are working on animals and their habitats.

Click on the picture to watch a video about this topic.
Then, play the game classifying the animals according to their habitats.