The Lost Duckling (2nd Grade)

One duckling is lost in the farm. Where's is Mummy Duck?
Let's help duckling to find his mummy!

Fashion Catwalk (3rd Grade)

The Ausiàs March Catwalk is on the streets now.
Do you like our fashion style?

Going to the Market (1st Grade)

We went to the market to buy pears, apples, chicken, tomatoes, oranges and ham.

This market has got everything we need!

Karaoke Party (5th & 6th Grade)

Do you like singing?
Do you like karaokes?
Why don't you try right now?

Visit Karaoke Party, find a song and have fun!

Clothes Collages (P5)

We put our clothes on with these collages.
Do you like our T-shirts, trousers, socks, shoes, jackets and hats?

And enjoy our CLOTHES SONG!

Creating Comics (4th Grade)

Really great cartoonists in class.

We have drawn some comics starred by our favourite superheroes. Ironman, The Martian Ninja, Sunny, Oscar, Star or The Black Ninja are some of them.

In their stories they are doing a lot of things. Let's meet two of them!