Cities from the USA (4th Grade)

Hi 4th graders!
This week we start a project based on cities from the USA.

Click on your city name to find out more about it and get all the information you need for your presentation.

New York City (4th Grade)

Today Lauren has talked about her city, New York City. Now we know the places we can visit, the typical food we can eat or the sports we can play there.

Here you have her presentation. Listen and read all the information again.

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The Shapes Test (P4)

Lauren tested our P4 students with an exam in shapes, colours and numbers.
Good news: all them pass!

The Farmyard Jamboree (2nd Grade)

Yesterday we listened to and sang The Farmyard Jamboree, a story about a boy who receives from his family different farm animals, including a piglet, a lamb, a chick, a duckling, a calf and many more!Negrita

Watch again the story and sing this great song.

If you're happy and you know it... (P5)

If you're happy and you know it say HELLO!

This is our new opening song. Watch the video and sing.