20 Penguins (1st, 2nd Grade)

Watch this video and count as 20 penguins slide into a pool.

This video is also available on Sesame Street website.

Toys: The Messy Attic (2nd Grade)

2nd Graders, let's play with toys!

Listen carefully and put away the correct toy and in the right order.

Click on the picture to play.

Penguin Jump Multiplication (4th Grade)

4th graders, lets play with numbers and practise some maths!

First, choose the words that spell the number.

Then, review your multiplication skills with this penguin race.
Jump on the iceberg that matches with the question. The 1st penguin that reaches the end wins!

Click on the picture to play the game.

Then, tell me in a comment your score .

Months of the year Memory (4th Grade)

4th Graders, use this memory game to review the months of the year.

Click on the picture to play.
Then, tell me in a comment: When's your birthday?

For more games on Months, visit Games Zone

The Alphabet (3rd Grade)

3rd graders, it's time for the alphabet.

Watch and sing The Alphabet Chant.

Now, listen and practise it with this activity.

Click on the picture.

My Timetable (4th, 5th Grade)

Let's practice and review some school vocabulary!

Click on the picture to complete this timetable and further activities.
Once finish, tell me in a comment what is your favourite subject and one you don't like.

For more activities on this topic visit the Games Zone.

Summer holidays passed so quickly!
Our first day of the school year is here...

Welcome back students!