Here comes the sun!

We are celebrating the International Year of Forests and yesterday we enjoyed a workshop based on the song Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles.

Can you see how forests change from winter to spring?
Watch these videos and see how the sun brings forests to life again.

Well done everyone!

Animals in the Forest (2nd Grade)

Hi children!

We are learning amazing things about forests and the animals that live there.
Click on the picture and watch this movie to find out more about them.

And now play this game.

Clean and Green! (3rd Grade)

Today we learned some things about recycling because we want to make robots using objects that we don't want anymore.

Test yourself with this game. Can you clean up this room using your recycling skills?

Body Memory (3rd Grade)


Here you have a game to review different parts of the body. There are 3 levels.

Click on the picture to play.

We're going on a bear hunt (P4 & P5)

Have you ever been on a bear hunt?
Join this family looking for a bear in the middle of the wood crossing rivers, grasslands, snow storms and more.

International Year of Forests (5th Grade)

We are going to learn several things about plants. Let's start with their parts.

Let's see if you are able to take care of a plant.

What are they doing? (4th Grade)

Hello students!

Are you ready to play with actions?
You are going to see some people doing things. Look at the pictures carefully and click on the correct answer.

Good luck!

Click on the picture to play.