Summer time is here.
Close your books. Put away your pencil case and get ready for the sunny days.

The beach, the swimming pool, the mountains, the park or maybe a small town are waiting.

Enjoy your holidays and see you again in September!

Bye bye!

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Shops in your town (4th Grade)

Is there a baker's near?
Is there a butcher's near?

4th graders have the anwser and they tell you how to get these shops.

The Hokey Pokey (1st Grade)

1st Graders are glad to show you one of their favourites songs: The Hokey Pokey.
Don't be shy and shake with them!

Numbers Bowling (P5)

P5 is trying hard to learn the numbers from 1 to 20 .
It's not an easy thing but they will succeed playing bowling.

Are You Hungry? (P4)

Are you hungry?
Yes I am!
Let's eat some fruit with our P4 students.

Funny Faces (2nd Grade)

Who are they?
Yes, they are 2nd graders with new looks.
Watch them describing their new faces.



Animal Riddles - Round 2 (3rd Grade)

3rd graders, here you have more riddles.

Can you guess the animal?

Animal Riddles - Round 1 (3rd Grade)

3rd Graders have been working on animals and habitats.
Here you have some riddles describing one of the animals below.

Can you guess the animal?

Where's my rubber? (3rd Grade)

Felipe and Coraima have lost their rubber and Jose Luis his ruler.
Where's is the rubber? Where's the ruler? Yesica, Paula and Eric help them to look for the classroom objects.

Now, they know how important is to have all their things tidy.

Banana Milkshake (2nd Grade)

Making milkshakes is so easy!
Today we've tried a new flavour: BANANA MILKSHAKE.

2nd graders are great cooks and they teach you how to make it.

And here the recipe of this milkshake. Enjoy it!