Morning Scenes (2nd Grade)

Good morning!
How is the weather?
It's sunny and hot.
So, put your shorts and T-shirt on!

At A Restaurant (3rd Grade)

We've been working for some weeks on food we like and dislike.
Let's talk about it in a cool restaurant where food, drinks and desserts are delicious!

Watch the video and have a nice meal!

What do you do when it's time for bed? (4th Grade)

When it's time for bed, do you have a shower? Do you watch TV? Do you clean your teeth? Or maybe, you read a book.

Here you have a street journalist looking for someone who reads books at night. Watch and enjoy the results!

And what about you?
What do you do when it's time for bed?

Walking Walking (P5)

No need to say that the Walking Walking song has become a classic in our class!

Click on play and you will know why.

Playing with Shadows (P4)

We love Eric Carle's Brown Bear story!
Today we've played guessing the animals from its shadows. What do you see?

This is another way to enjoy the story of the brown bear, the yellow duck, the blue horse and the rest of animals.

And now, sing the song!

My favourite food (3rd Grade)

I like cheese, bread and fish.
I don't like chocolate cake.
My favourite food is couscous with vegetables, chicken and hummus.

What about you?

Anatomy Lesson (1st Grade)

Today we've enjoyed an anatomy lesson. Do you know where head, arms, body, feet, hands and legs are?

Watch the video and clap your hands if you like it!

What's the weather like today?

What's the weather like today?
It's snowing and cold today!