Rosie's Walk (P5)

Do you know Rosie?
She is a chicken and she likes wandering around the farm.

One day she had a walk and a hungry fox chased her. Find out how this story ends watching this video again.

My favourite food song: the videos (3rd Grade)


After days of rehearsals, recordings and filming, the videos are done.

3rd graders have worked hard in their performances and now we can enjoy the fantastic results.


And thank you Flora for your help!

Click on the picture to watch them.

The farm animals song (P5)

Let's go down to the farm and see the animals!
What animals can you see?

Why does the Earth have seasons? (6th Grade)

Birth of the Solar System (6th Grade)

Let's find out about Big Bang.

Birth of the Solar System
More science lessons on Solar System at NeoK12.com

Have a look at the Moon.

The Moon
More educational lessons on Solar System at NeoK12.com

Let's learn more about Planets

Exploring the Universe (6th Grade)

Here you have some activities in order to be excellent astronauts or astronomers and to know more about our Solar System.

Driving my tractor (P5)

Today we met this busy farmer.
We followed him through his very busy day driving his tractor up and down the roads and looking after all the animals.

But, suddenly something happens...

Let's sing! (4th Grade)

Hi students!

Before the holidays we picked some songs to sing in class.
We have started with Baby by Justin Bieber and in the following weeks we will carry on with Selena Gomez and The Beatles.
How about some practice in the meanwhile?

Click on the picture and play the songs!

Grover reports the weather (2nd Grade)

Hi kids!

We are talking about weather and the clothes we wear for different seasons.
Watch again how Grover tackles this crazy weather report. It's very difficult to decide what to put on with this changing weather!

Make your monster (1st Grade)

Hello kids!

Let's make a monster.
First choose the colour and then the eyes, arms, legs, nose, mouth and ears. Then, bring it to life! Make it dance, sing or shout.

Click on the picture to make it.