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Aquest bloc recull algunes de les activitats i feines dutes a terme pels alumnes durant els darrers dos cursos.

Els mestres d'anglès de l'Ausiàs March dels cursos 2009-2010 i 2010-2011.

Robots (3rd Grade)

A few weeks ago we started to recycle in class. With all the material gathered, 3rd graders made robots.

They painted the different body parts and built the robots. After this, they worte a rap to describe them.

Click on the picture to meet these 6 great robots and read the raps.

Animal puppets plays (1st Grade)

1st graders adapted the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story.
They created puppets of new monsters living under the bridge and three new animals looking for fresh grass. And everything in a stage made by themselves!

Have a look at these pictures to get an idea of how the plays went.
Congratulations boys and girls! Your performances were fantastic!

A day in my life (4th Grade)

4th graders have finished their videos on their daily routines.

They took the pictures at home, they typed the texts, recorded the audios and picked a song. Then, they put all stuff altogether making these fantastic videos.

How is a day in their lives? Click on the picture and find it out.

Well done! You are the best movie-makers ever!

My day (4th Grade)

Hi boys and girls!

We are finishing our videos on daily routines.
How about reviewing the vocabulary that we are going to use in our recordings?

Click on the picture and play the 6 games. Enlace

Do you like...? (P5)

Do you like ice creams? And cheese?
And do you like cheese ice cream??

P5 combined different food creating new ones. Watch the video and get an idea of how wonderful are the cooks we have at school.

Animals and habitats (3rd Grade)


We are working on animals and their habitats.

Click on the picture to watch a video about this topic.
Then, play the game classifying the animals according to their habitats.

My five senses (2nd Grade)

Today we have learnt about our five senses.

Read and play with this story about your them.


Animal Maker (3rd Grade)

More games about animals!

Read carefully the instructions and create strange animals.

Click on the picture to play.

Wild animals memory (3rd Grade)

Can you match the animals?

Test yourself and review the names playing this memory. There are 3 levels.

Click on the picture to play.

The tortoise and the rabbit (1st Grade)

Today we enjoyed the story about the race between a tortoise and a rabbit.

The rabbit should be the winner because is faster than the tortoise. But now we know that if you keep a steady pace you can reach all ends!

The Gruffalo's forest (2nd Grade)

The story of The Gruffalo has been the perfect excuse to learn more about the forest and the animals that live there.

Go through this book and see what 2nd graders have done with their own forest, the Gruffalo and the rest of the animals.

Past Simple (5th and 6th Grade)

Here you have more activities to practice and review the past.

Activity 1:

Activity 2:

Activity 3:

Let's sing! 2 (4th Grade)

We keep singing in class.

After our first choice we've picked three new songs to sing in class and as you can see 4th graders stick to their favourites singers.

Click on the picture to practise these songs.

Monkey and Me (P4)

Monkey and Me is the story about a little girl and her toy monkey that imagine and imitate some animals. They went to see some penguins, kangaroos, bats, monkeys and elephants.

As we like jumping, hopping and miming we went to see some animals too. The story is by Emily Gravett but you can watch our own version. Enjoy it!

My pets (1st Grade)

Hello kids!

This boy has got lot of pets!
Can you put them in their right place?

Click on the picture and play.

Finalistes del V Premio Espiral Edublogs 2011!

Good news!

El nostre bloc d'anglès és un dels finalistes del concurs V Premio Espiral Edublogs 2011 organitzat per l’Associació Espiral en la categoria de Blogs de Alumnos – Primaria.

Són molts els blocs presentats a aquest concurs nacional i sols el reconeixement com a finalista és ja una gran satisfacció.

Un reconeixement que és doble: a la dedicació al bloc així com a la feina i participació dels nens i nenes de l’Ausiàs March, que són els vertaders protagonistes del blog i qui li donen el seu sentit.

Estem d’enhorabona!

I molta sort a la resta de blocs finalites. Si els voleu conèixer cliqueu aquí.

Morning Scenes (2nd Grade)

It's morning time.

How is the weather?

Is it sunny? Is it cloudy or rainy? Is it hot? Or is it cold?

Whatever the weather, remember to put on the right clothes!

Here comes the sun!

We are celebrating the International Year of Forests and yesterday we enjoyed a workshop based on the song Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles.

Can you see how forests change from winter to spring?
Watch these videos and see how the sun brings forests to life again.

Well done everyone!

Animals in the Forest (2nd Grade)

Hi children!

We are learning amazing things about forests and the animals that live there.
Click on the picture and watch this movie to find out more about them.

And now play this game.

Clean and Green! (3rd Grade)

Today we learned some things about recycling because we want to make robots using objects that we don't want anymore.

Test yourself with this game. Can you clean up this room using your recycling skills?

Body Memory (3rd Grade)


Here you have a game to review different parts of the body. There are 3 levels.

Click on the picture to play.

We're going on a bear hunt (P4 & P5)

Have you ever been on a bear hunt?
Join this family looking for a bear in the middle of the wood crossing rivers, grasslands, snow storms and more.

International Year of Forests (5th Grade)

We are going to learn several things about plants. Let's start with their parts.

Let's see if you are able to take care of a plant.

What are they doing? (4th Grade)

Hello students!

Are you ready to play with actions?
You are going to see some people doing things. Look at the pictures carefully and click on the correct answer.

Good luck!

Click on the picture to play.

Rosie's Walk (P5)

Do you know Rosie?
She is a chicken and she likes wandering around the farm.

One day she had a walk and a hungry fox chased her. Find out how this story ends watching this video again.

My favourite food song: the videos (3rd Grade)


After days of rehearsals, recordings and filming, the videos are done.

3rd graders have worked hard in their performances and now we can enjoy the fantastic results.


And thank you Flora for your help!

Click on the picture to watch them.

The farm animals song (P5)

Let's go down to the farm and see the animals!
What animals can you see?

Why does the Earth have seasons? (6th Grade)

Birth of the Solar System (6th Grade)

Let's find out about Big Bang.

Birth of the Solar System
More science lessons on Solar System at NeoK12.com

Have a look at the Moon.

The Moon
More educational lessons on Solar System at NeoK12.com

Let's learn more about Planets

Exploring the Universe (6th Grade)

Here you have some activities in order to be excellent astronauts or astronomers and to know more about our Solar System.

Driving my tractor (P5)

Today we met this busy farmer.
We followed him through his very busy day driving his tractor up and down the roads and looking after all the animals.

But, suddenly something happens...

Let's sing! (4th Grade)

Hi students!

Before the holidays we picked some songs to sing in class.
We have started with Baby by Justin Bieber and in the following weeks we will carry on with Selena Gomez and The Beatles.
How about some practice in the meanwhile?

Click on the picture and play the songs!

Grover reports the weather (2nd Grade)

Hi kids!

We are talking about weather and the clothes we wear for different seasons.
Watch again how Grover tackles this crazy weather report. It's very difficult to decide what to put on with this changing weather!

Make your monster (1st Grade)

Hello kids!

Let's make a monster.
First choose the colour and then the eyes, arms, legs, nose, mouth and ears. Then, bring it to life! Make it dance, sing or shout.

Click on the picture to make it.

Fun Sandwiches (1st Grade)

Yum, yum!
We really had a good time making sandwiches. We used bread, ham, cheese, tomatoes and salami.
They looked like dragons and they were so good...

Multiplication Space Race (3rd Grade)

Hi students!

Keep testing your Maths with this game.
Fly over the correct answer and make your spaceship one of first to cross the finish.

Click on the picture to play.

Cities from USA: the presentations (4th Grade)

4th graders have finisihed their power points on the different cities from the USA.
Good job boys and girls!

We start the presentations in class tomorrow. So, if you want to download them, click on the green folders.

The lost calf (2nd Grade)

There is a lost calf now. Where is mummy cow?
Dami and Lucas are here to help.

Watch the kids walking around this farm looking for a cow.

Multiplication Grand Prix (3rd Grade)

Let's play with Maths!

Revise and practise your multiplication skills with this game.
Can you be the winner of this mathematical race?

Click on the picture to play.

A Pumpkin with a Body (1st Grade)

This pumpkin is very strange. It has eyes, arms and legs.
Can you believe it?

Watch the video and find out what else it has.

The Clothing Song (2nd Grade)

Hello students!

Since last week we are working on clothes.
Watch this great video to learn more.

The Lost Colt (2nd Grade)

There is a colt lost in the farm. Where is daddy horse?
Marcela and Miquel are here to find him!

Let's follow the kids in this walk around our farm and find out how the story ends.

The Banquet (3rd Grade)

Hello students!

Here you have another game on food groups.

Help the dragon to collect all the food items from this maze. Then, classify them into the correct food group.

Click on the picture to play.

Good luck!

My Favourite Food song (3rd Grade)

Hello students!

Today we wrote our own version of My Favourite Food song and we took the pictures of our 6 bands, too.

Click on the picture, play the karaoke version, practise and get ready for our recordings!

Healthy Eating (3rd Grade)

We talked about the different food groups.
Test yourself with this game, classifying the food into its corresponding food group.

Click on the picture to play.

Food Maze! (1st and 2nd Grade)

Let's play with food!
Listen and click on the food you hear to go through the maze.

Click on the picture and have fun.

Cities from the USA (4th Grade)

Hi 4th graders!
This week we start a project based on cities from the USA.

Click on your city name to find out more about it and get all the information you need for your presentation.