Superheroes Competition (3rd Grade)

Hello students!

Can you guess the superhero?
Read and listen these 5 questions and try to find the correct superhero.

Click on the image to play.

Good luck!

My Superhero (3rd Grade)

Here they come!

3rd graders have created their own Superhero with their superpowers and their clothes.

Enter this site to meet all them.

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The Happy Christmas song

Another beautiful song for these days.

Click on the picture to watch and sing The Happy Christmas song.

The Nutcracker story

Hello students!

Everybody is working hard with Flora for our Christmas festival based on The Nutcracker story.
Between rehearsals, watch this classic tale. Click on the picture and enjoy.

Family Pictures (1st Grade)

Look at these pictures!
They are our 1st graders with their families!
And some of them present their daddy, mummy, brother or sister in this video.