Superheroes Competition (3rd Grade)

Hello students!

Can you guess the superhero?
Read and listen these 5 questions and try to find the correct superhero.

Click on the image to play.

Good luck!

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  1. hello oscar number 1 s'he is ''super girl,2 he is ''surfer''3 s'he is ''Cat Woman''4 he is ''Estreña Negra''5 he is ''ben 10.Felis Nadal¡,Felis añ nou i Vones vacanses fins el 7 de gener

  2. Hola soc el John el que vam fer m´agradad molt.

  3. Hello Oscar, number 1- she is a super girl,2- he is a surfer,3- she is catwoman ,4- he is estrenya negra, 5- he is Ben 10.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year

  4. Hello Oscar I am Mateo, number 1 she is Super Girl 2 he is Superfer 3 she is Cat woman 4 he is Estrella Negra 5 he is Ben 10 BYE

  5. Hello Oscar,number 1-she is a super girl,he is catwoman,-he is estrella negra,5-he is Ben 10.

  6. Hello Oscar, 1. is super girl, 2. is surfer, 3. is catwoman, 4. is estrenyanegra, 5. ben10. Bye Oscar I will see you in English class.

  7. Hello Oscar. 1.She is super girl.
    2.He is sufer.
    3.She is cat woman.
    4.He is estrenya negra.
    5.He is benio.

  8. hello oscar. 1. she his super girl 2. he his surfer3.she his cat woman4.he his estrella negra5. he ben10

  9. Hello oscar .1.she is ''super girl''.2.She is ''Super Paca''.3.she is''Cat Woman''.4.He is ''estrany negra''en.5.''Benio''.Baibai.

  10. 1 she is super girl 2 he is surfer 3 she is cat woman 4 he is setrenya negra 5 he is ben 10

  11. 1.she is super girl
    2.he is surfer
    3.she is cat woman
    4.he is estrenya negra
    5.he is ben10

  12. Hello Oscar 1. She is Super girl 2. He is super aicon 2.she is cat woman 3.He is estrenya negra 4.He is ben10

  13. hello oscar 1she is super girl 2he is surfer 3he is cat woman 4he is lopo5 he is benio

  14. Hello OSCAR
    .2,HE is SURFER
    .3,she is CAT WOMAN
    .4,he is estrenya negra
    .5,he is ben 10.adeu.

  15. 1. she is super girl 2.he is surfer 3. she is cat wuoman 4. he is estrella negra 5. he is Ben 10

  16. hello oscar.
    1-she is super girl
    2- he is surfer
    3-she is cat wo man
    4-he is estrenya negra
    5-he is ben10