Animal Maker (3rd Grade)

More games about animals!

Read carefully the instructions and create strange animals.

Click on the picture to play.

Wild animals memory (3rd Grade)

Can you match the animals?

Test yourself and review the names playing this memory. There are 3 levels.

Click on the picture to play.

The tortoise and the rabbit (1st Grade)

Today we enjoyed the story about the race between a tortoise and a rabbit.

The rabbit should be the winner because is faster than the tortoise. But now we know that if you keep a steady pace you can reach all ends!

The Gruffalo's forest (2nd Grade)

The story of The Gruffalo has been the perfect excuse to learn more about the forest and the animals that live there.

Go through this book and see what 2nd graders have done with their own forest, the Gruffalo and the rest of the animals.

Past Simple (5th and 6th Grade)

Here you have more activities to practice and review the past.

Activity 1:

Activity 2:

Activity 3:

Let's sing! 2 (4th Grade)

We keep singing in class.

After our first choice we've picked three new songs to sing in class and as you can see 4th graders stick to their favourites singers.

Click on the picture to practise these songs.

Monkey and Me (P4)

Monkey and Me is the story about a little girl and her toy monkey that imagine and imitate some animals. They went to see some penguins, kangaroos, bats, monkeys and elephants.

As we like jumping, hopping and miming we went to see some animals too. The story is by Emily Gravett but you can watch our own version. Enjoy it!

My pets (1st Grade)

Hello kids!

This boy has got lot of pets!
Can you put them in their right place?

Click on the picture and play.

Finalistes del V Premio Espiral Edublogs 2011!

Good news!

El nostre bloc d'anglès és un dels finalistes del concurs V Premio Espiral Edublogs 2011 organitzat per l’Associació Espiral en la categoria de Blogs de Alumnos – Primaria.

Són molts els blocs presentats a aquest concurs nacional i sols el reconeixement com a finalista és ja una gran satisfacció.

Un reconeixement que és doble: a la dedicació al bloc així com a la feina i participació dels nens i nenes de l’Ausiàs March, que són els vertaders protagonistes del blog i qui li donen el seu sentit.

Estem d’enhorabona!

I molta sort a la resta de blocs finalites. Si els voleu conèixer cliqueu aquí.

Morning Scenes (2nd Grade)

It's morning time.

How is the weather?

Is it sunny? Is it cloudy or rainy? Is it hot? Or is it cold?

Whatever the weather, remember to put on the right clothes!