The Very Hungry Carterpillar (P4)

What a carterpillar can eat?
Our P4 kids know it.
Watch this classic story and discover it.
This carterpillar is very very hungry.

Strawberry Milkshake (2nd Grade)

It's sunny and hot today.
Why don't we have a drink?
Why don't we make a STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE?

2nd Graders teach you how to make it.

And here you have the recipe, if you want to try it at home!

Pets Survey (1st Grade)

Miquel is visiting houses asking for pets.
Xavi has got a tortoise. Alexandra has got two cats.
And Alba has got a very special pet...

Meeting the Farm Animals (2nd Grade)

2nd Graders went to the farm.
There they met the animals they learnt some weeks ago.
Watch them meeting cows, horses, rabbits, pigs, ducks and hens.

Can robots do Maths homework? (3rd Grade)

Jiabo and Nataly are two robots.

He's got four eyes and two legs. He hasn't got ears.
She's got four eyes and two arms. She hasn't got a nose.

Jiabo cleans windows and Nataly cooks pasta.

But, can they do Maths homework?

Let's check!

Waiting For Friends (4th Grade)

Some kids are in the park waiting for a friend.

But, how is this friend?
Has he got fair hair?
Has he got green hair?
Is he wearing a red hat?

Robot Competiton Winners (3rd Grade)

Jose Luis and Felipe are the winners of the Robot competiton.
They won the prize: a personalized notebook.

And congratulations for the rest too. You did a great job!

Little Red (1st and 2nd Grade)

1st and 2nd grade students went to see the theatre play LITTLE RED from the IPA Productions.

This Little Red is not like the one we all know. She is naughty and sometimes she is bad with the others. The Wolf is good and kind and he is very hungry.

The play amused everybody and some of our students act in the play!
Iana became a clock telling Mummy Red the time.
bought a Lollipop from the shop.
And Alex taught us how to sing and dance the Big Bad Wolf song.

Here some pictures of the day.

More Superheroes (2nd Grade)

Here you have more superheroes.
They put the cloak and mask on and get ready to act.

Batman & Batgirl, take off!

St. George and the Vegetarian Dragon (1st Grade)

Once upon a time there was a hungry Dragon.
Once upon a time there was a castle with a King, a Queen, a Princess and some pets.

Have you got a cat? - ask the Dragon.
Yes, I've got a cat in my castle! - answer the King, the Queen and the Princess.

But Dragon doesn't like pets. What Dragon really likes is another kind of food...

Acrobats & Strongmen (4th Grade)

Here you have some acrobats and a stongman from the Cirque du Soleil.

These acrobats are very flexible. They use their bones and muscles to move their bodies in different ways.

And here you have a strongman. He can use his bones and muscles to pick up heavy objects.

How many clowns is he picking up at the end of the video?