Little Red (1st and 2nd Grade)

1st and 2nd grade students went to see the theatre play LITTLE RED from the IPA Productions.

This Little Red is not like the one we all know. She is naughty and sometimes she is bad with the others. The Wolf is good and kind and he is very hungry.

The play amused everybody and some of our students act in the play!
Iana became a clock telling Mummy Red the time.
bought a Lollipop from the shop.
And Alex taught us how to sing and dance the Big Bad Wolf song.

Here some pictures of the day.

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  1. M`ha agradat quan la Iana va sortir a l`escenari
    i li van rentar el cap la mare de la caputxeta vermella va ser el millor dia de la meva vida va
    ser molt divertit.