Fun Sandwiches (1st Grade)

Yum, yum!
We really had a good time making sandwiches. We used bread, ham, cheese, tomatoes and salami.
They looked like dragons and they were so good...

Multiplication Space Race (3rd Grade)

Hi students!

Keep testing your Maths with this game.
Fly over the correct answer and make your spaceship one of first to cross the finish.

Click on the picture to play.

Cities from USA: the presentations (4th Grade)

4th graders have finisihed their power points on the different cities from the USA.
Good job boys and girls!

We start the presentations in class tomorrow. So, if you want to download them, click on the green folders.

The lost calf (2nd Grade)

There is a lost calf now. Where is mummy cow?
Dami and Lucas are here to help.

Watch the kids walking around this farm looking for a cow.

Multiplication Grand Prix (3rd Grade)

Let's play with Maths!

Revise and practise your multiplication skills with this game.
Can you be the winner of this mathematical race?

Click on the picture to play.

A Pumpkin with a Body (1st Grade)

This pumpkin is very strange. It has eyes, arms and legs.
Can you believe it?

Watch the video and find out what else it has.

The Clothing Song (2nd Grade)

Hello students!

Since last week we are working on clothes.
Watch this great video to learn more.

The Lost Colt (2nd Grade)

There is a colt lost in the farm. Where is daddy horse?
Marcela and Miquel are here to find him!

Let's follow the kids in this walk around our farm and find out how the story ends.

The Banquet (3rd Grade)

Hello students!

Here you have another game on food groups.

Help the dragon to collect all the food items from this maze. Then, classify them into the correct food group.

Click on the picture to play.

Good luck!

My Favourite Food song (3rd Grade)

Hello students!

Today we wrote our own version of My Favourite Food song and we took the pictures of our 6 bands, too.

Click on the picture, play the karaoke version, practise and get ready for our recordings!

Healthy Eating (3rd Grade)

We talked about the different food groups.
Test yourself with this game, classifying the food into its corresponding food group.

Click on the picture to play.

Food Maze! (1st and 2nd Grade)

Let's play with food!
Listen and click on the food you hear to go through the maze.

Click on the picture and have fun.