It's Christmas Day song

Hi students!

Here you have a video to sing along our Christmas song about presents, crackers, stockings and sweet puddings.

Santa Claus is coming!

Hi students!

Christmas is coming and our festival too.
This year we sing together Santa Claus is coming to town.

Click on the picture, pick one version and practise for the show.

Create Your Superhero (3rd Grade)

It's time to create a superhero!

Click on the picture and create your own superheroe.
First, name your superhero and then, decide the clothes and colours to wear.

Match The Kit (3rd Grade)

Let's play with clothes.

Look at the football players. What are they wearing?

Click on the picture and play!

Cooking With Dora (2nd Grade)

2nd graders, let's cook!

Choose a recipe from Dora's book and find the different ingredients.

Click on the picture and get ready to cook!

4 Seasons in Two Minutes (4th Grade)

Watch this beautiful video on seasons and see how the nature changes during winter, spring, summer and autumn.

The original video is by Eirikso.

World Weather Forecast (4th Grade)

4th Graders tell us what's the weather like around different countries and cities.
Watch the video and find out where an umbrella is needed!

Habitats and endangered animals (5th Grade)

We are learning different habitats in English and animals in danger in our continent.

Superheroes Project Site (3rd Grade)

This is the site for our Superheroes project.

Click on the picture to access and see how 3rd graders are carrying out the project.

Toy Stories (2nd Grade)

Naim's favourite toy is a blue ball. Miquel's favourite toy is a blue ball, too.
Lucas' favourite toy is a car.
But they don't like to share them with friends.

Not a good thing at all!

Watch the videos and find out how these stories end.

Superheroes Project (3rd Grade)

3rd Graders have started a project on Superheroes this week.

We have talked about 6 superheroes (Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, Wolverine, Reptil and Falcon), their superpowers, guessing the things they can and can't do and also the clothes they may wear.
Next week we will start our research on these superheroes.

In the meantime, enjoy this espisode from the Super Hero Squad Show.

Weather Games (4th Grade)

Hello 4th Graders!

Here you have some activities to review vocabulary on weather, days of the week and months.

Click on the pictures to play.

Learn and have fun!

Walking Through The Jungle (P5)

P5 take us for a walk through the jungle.
Watch the video and learn all the animals they come across!

My Family (1st Grade)

Hello 1st graders!

Here you have a game about the family.
Listen and click on the correct family member.

Click on the picture to play.