Suspects Descriptions (4th grade)

A boy took Esteban's Nintendo.
A girl ate David's apple.

Has he got long hair? Has he got blue eyes?
Has she got short hair? Has she got fair hair?

Can you help the police to choose the correct suspect?

Robot competition (3rd Grade)

3rd grade students, here you have your robots!
Look them carefully and when ready, ask the 5 questions of the competition.

0. This robot has got three heads.
Robi has got three heads.

1. This robot has got six arms and eighteen fingers.

2. This robot has got six eyes and three feet.

3. This robot hasn't got a nose.

4. This robot has got one body and eight heads.

5. This robot has got two legs and ten toes.

St. George's Day: reinventing the legend (3rd & 4th Grade)

Can you believe it?
St. Jordi meets St. George.
One princess is having a good time in a sunny beach.
The other is waiting for the Dragon.
What a mess!

3rd and 4th grade students gave us an outstanding acting in this reinvention of the St. Jordi's Legend where the languages of both knights were mixed.

Rock, Scissors, Paper (P4)

P4 really like this game and how they can make butterflies, snails, crabs and lions playing it!

Tarzan (3rd and 4th Grade)

We went to see the theatre play TARZAN from the IPA Productions.

We really enjoyed the play with Tarzan, Jane, the jungle animals and Clayton, the cruel hunter.
The play was very participative and some kids acted out teaching Tarzan how to sort out his problems with personal hygiene.

On behalf of our school, Oscar played in a guess the animal competition. He did it very well!

Here some pictures of the day.

Superheroes (2nd Grade)

We've got superheroes in the school.
They are always ready to help children from robbers.
They take off the hat.
They take off the coat and... they take off!

based on Super Hero story

A Scary Story (4th Grade)

Are you scared of spiders? Are you scared of monsters? Are you scared of ghosts?
Or maybe you are scared of scary films.
But not this one...