What's the weather like in...? (4th Grade)

What's the weather like around the world?

4th Graders have chosen some cities around the world to check their weather.

Enter this site, check if it's sunny, cloudy or windy in New York, Beijing, Moscow or La Havana and fill in the worksheet.

Then, choose another city and tell me what's the weather like there.

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Happy Halloween!

Let's play Halloween games.
Click on the picture below and find lot of games from angles365.com

Password: skeleton

Have fun!

Spider Attack! (3rd and 4th Grade)

Spiders have been our special guests these days. They were living in the English classroom during this Halloween week.

Don't worry: they don't bite!

Making Jack O'Lanterns (5th and 6th Grade)

What's a pumpkin with spooky eyes and a mouth?
No doubt: it's a Jack O'Lantern!

Who says they are scary? We had lot of fun making them! Have a look!

My Favourite Toy (2nd Grade)

What's your favourite toy? A doll, a board game, a bike or maybe a ball or a computer game?

Watch 2nd Graders talking about some of their favourite toys.

Peppa Pig - Numbers (P5)

Today we have visited Peppa Pig's school to learn how to count from 1 to 10 in English.

Enjoy it again!

Mixing Colours (1st Grade)

Last week 1st Graders discovered what happen if we mix some colours together.
Now we know that red and yellow make orange.

Watch the video and discover the rest of their mixtures.

Our Classroom (3rd Grade)

3rd Graders, it's time to review the classroom objects.

Click on the picture and find different classroom objects. Then listen and match each student with their corresponding schoolbag.

Good luck!

Trailer: Despicable Me

Despicable Me is on cinemas now.

It could be a great plan for a day like today.

Enjoy the trailer!

Lauren's Press Conference (6th Grade)

Hello everyone!

Lauren, our Auxiliar de Conversa, is in our school.
But, where is she from? What does she like? What's her favourite food, her favourite colour or her hobbies? What does she do for a living?

Watch the video and know who Lauren is. 6th Graders asked her interesting questions in this kind of press conference.

Welcome Lauren!

The Body Alphabet (3rd Grade)

3rd Graders are working on the alphabet but now they are using their bodies to practise it.
Watch the results and how well these pictures fit with The Alphabet Chant.

Stop The Clock (4th Grade)

4th Graders, here you have a game to practise and play with the time.

Read the time given and stop the hands of the clock when they are in the correct position.

Then, tell me your score.

My score is______.