What do you do when it's time for bed? (4th Grade)

When it's time for bed, do you have a shower? Do you watch TV? Do you clean your teeth? Or maybe, you read a book.

Here you have a street journalist looking for someone who reads books at night. Watch and enjoy the results!

And what about you?
What do you do when it's time for bed?

13 comentaris:

  1. when its time for bed i have a shower and clean my teeth

  2. hello Oscar.When it´s time for bed I wash my face and clean my teeth.
    El video ens ha agradat molt però hem pasat una mica de vergonya.

    by judith and david

  3. when it'stime for bed I clean my teeth ,I have a shower ,I wath tv and wash my face.
    By Esteban

  4. Hello Oscar when its time for bed I watch TV
    then I go to sleep

    by Yary

  5. Hello Oscar.My name is Dipi.When its time for bed I have a shower,I put my pyjames on,I clean my teeth,I .read a book and go to sleep.


    By Dipi.4t

  6. wha do you do when it's time four bed?i read a book,go to sleep I put muy pyjamas on and clean muy theet fernando v.m

  7. Hello Oscar when it`s time for bed I read a book
    and I go to sleep

    by Mar

  8. when its time for bed. I have a shower and watch tv.I don´t cleen my teeth and I don´t wash my face.


  9. hello Oscar. My name is HAO-LIN.Hhen its time for bed I clean my teeth,watch TV and I have a shower.
    By Hao Lin.4t

  10. Hello teacher.
    I have been enjoying your fine work. Don't stop your good creativity !!!!

  11. What you do when it's time for bed?i read red a book, clean a tree and a swawer,and my face

    ambar gailyne

  12. Hello Oscar:
    I'm very enjoyed about your school work.
    The St. Jordi's day was very very nice.( you know it) CONGRATULETIONS!!!!!
    When it's time for bed, I watch TV, clean my teeth, my face, I'm put my pyjamas on, read a book, close my eyes, and relax my "perfect" body, and sleep.

  13. Hi Ripoll's mother!
    Thank you for your words!
    I'm glad you like it.
    We had a good time during St. Jordi. Kids did it very well. Congratulations to all them too!